Shopping Around in Peebles High Street in the 1950s by Anne Derrick


No reminiscences could be complete without a look at the shopping experience in Peebles as they were in the mid twentieth century. Before I start, can I make it clear I’m just describing my own personal recollections of the shopping experience of the mid twentieth century. I wouldn’t dare venture into the minefield of describing exactly where certain shops were – I’d be bound to get it wrong !

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Five interesting facts about the Tontine Hotel by Sandra Whitnell

Tontine Hotel Peebles circa 1925

1. The Tontine Hotel is named after the method of finance used for its building.

2. A tontine is an investment plan for raising capital, devised in the 17th century and relatively widespread in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is a cross between a group annuity and a lottery. Each subscriber pays an agreed sum into the fund, and receives an annuity. As members die, their shares go to the other participants, and so the value of each annuity increases. The capital passes to the last survivor. Continue reading

In Small Things Forgotten


The title of this entry is borrowed from a book by James Deetz, the American archaeologists who describes how the history of a people is often best told by the small and seemingly insignificant objects they leave behind. This principle is aptly demonstrated by the document above that was kindly donated by Mrs M Connor of Glen Road, Peebles. It is a receipt for the wedding party of her husband’s parents, Annie and Jock, held at the Peebles Temperance Hotel and Cafe on December the 31st, 1924. Continue reading

High Street Memories on DVD

DVD Launch_Web

The 23rd of November marked a milestone for the High Street Project with the launch of the DVD, “High Street Memories”. In this video, some of the town’s residents recollect their experiences of living and working on the High Street. They talk about the businesses that have come and gone and the many characters that helped to shape high street life during the latter part of the 20th century. This DVD provides a window into the recent past of Peebles High Street and preserves the memories of it’s contributors for future generations.

The DVD is on sale now at Whities Bookshop, Pennels Close, Peebles for the modest sum of £5.00.

Peebles High Street Exhibition (14th September – 16th November 2013)


Sadly, the exhibition Peebles High Street: 1000 years of history is now over. However, I am pleased to report that it was a great success. Between 14th September and 16th November, more than 2,500 people visited the event that was hosted jointly by the Peebles Civic Society and the staff at the Tweeddale Museum, Peebles.

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Welcome to Peebles High Street: 1000 years of history – the blog!

Welcome to the blog that will chart the progress of the project, Peebles high Street:1000 years of history. During the coming months, this page will be updated regularly with news of the project and articles telling the story of Peebles High Street from many different viewpoints. It will be written by local people who have first hand knowledge of their High Street, it’s history and the many characters who have lived and worked there in the past. If you have a story to tell or you are able to volunteer time to the project, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us through our website.

This project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Scottish Borders Council and is run jointly by the Peebles Civic Society and the staff of the Tweeddale Museum, Peebles.